Microsoft Won't Release Xbox 720 Until 2014, Analyst Predicts

Despite the many rumors predicting a new Xbox 720 console coming in 2012 (possibly CES 2012 announcement?), or being unveiled at E3 2013 at the latest, gaming analyist Michael Pachter is firm in his belief that we won't see a new console from Microsoft until 2014, at the earliest.

"Those rumors are silly. Microsoft is still selling a ton of Xbox 360s, and they won't replace the existing one until sales begin to slow. I think the rumors are based upon leaks about modifying the current Xbox 360 to allow it to operate Windows 8," Pachter told IndustryGamers. "I fully expect a new model of Xbox 360 by holiday 2012, but don't think we see a new console altogether from Microsoft until 2014."

Although Microsoft may be content with the current generation console, fans are clammoring for a new system.  With the Xbox 360 turning 6 years old, and rumors of a new PlayStation 4, it may be risky for Microsoft to sit back and play catch-up with Sony.  Pachter is alone in his predictions.  Other analysts predict the PS4 will come before the Xbox 720.

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