Microsoft won’t give early Xbox One buyers special treatment following removal of Kinect

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Microsoft today confirmed that the company will not reward gamers who purchased an Xbox One prior to the system being severed from Kinect. 

“No. As with many first generation products, the offerings can be expected to change and evolve over time,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. “Kinect remains an integral part of our vision. Xbox One is better with Kinect, making games, TV and entertainment come alive with premium experiences.”

The rep was also able to confirm that Kinect will be available separately later this fall, likely leaning toward the holiday season. Pricing and potential paired items, however, have yet to be revealed.

Removing Kinect as a mandatory purchase has effectively dropped the price of the Xbox One by $100 (a safe estimate for the Kinect standalone price point), meaning some early adopters will feel they overpaid. But the fact of the matter is that the system has also seen myriad bundles and deals since its release, so asking for retroactive compensation on this particular price drop could be called unrealistic. 

Austin Wood
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