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Microsoft will sell a stand-alone Kinect this October for $149.99

Microsoft will sell a stand-alone Kinect this October for $149.99

If you're in the boat of Xbox One owners who picked the system up without a Kinect, you've probably been wondering if you'd be able to purchase a stand-alone Kinect at some point. 

Or maybe you haven't. 

Either way, Microsoft announced that they plan to sell the Kinect at retail this October. It will cost $149.99, making it more expensive to buy both the Xbox One console and Kinect separately. In addition, it will only be available in the United States, which is a shame for international Xbox One owners looking to pick-up the Kinect after buying the Xbox One separetely. 

While many have looked at the Kinect as a reason for the Xbox One's struggles in sales, there's no denying its occasional handiness. Just now, for example, I used the voice commands to pause Netflix while I went downstairs and grabbed an ice cream sandwhich. 

Still, I feel like if you want to use the Kinect with Xbox One, you're going to buy it with the system. Otherwise, you're just wasting money.

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