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Microsoft wants you to ditch your PS3 and they'll pay you a $100 for it

Ditch your PS3

Even though both consoles are enticing in their own right, and have their pros and cons, you just can't beat that $100 price difference. The PS4 retailing for $399 is certainly going to seem more appealing than the Xbox One which retails for $499. Microsoft wants to do something about it.

In Microsoft's latest email promo, they are offering anyone willing to recycle their PS3 to the Microsoft Store, a $100 towards the Xbox One, essentially putting it at the same price point of the PS4. I feel conflicted.

While it's smart of Microsoft to offer some sort of incentive by making their console cheaper in exchange for an older console, I can't help but think you can get a lot more for a PS3 these days than a $100. Not to mention, even though GameStop's current trade in value for a 500GB newest model PS3 is also at a $100 (pictured below), their constant promotions, like the one running now, gives an extra 30% for it.


I guess what really begs the question is, what is Microsoft planning to do with all of these PS3s?

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