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Microsoft turning the Xbox One into an expensive Roku

Xbox One TV

The future of gaming is television. I just have to accept that. The Xbox One will be about exclusive television and entertainment content with a few HaloGears of War and Call of Duty games thrown in for diversity. 

If entertainment is the route that Microsoft is sticking to, then they'll need to work with other Hollywood companies to get exclusive content for the Xbox One. And so, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his entertainment studios president Nancy Tellem visited with CBS, WME and other TV companies last week. Their mission was to get exclusive content for the Xbox One -- be it music, sports, reality ***vomits***, or scripted programming. 

The Xbox One already has the name power of Steven Spielberg onboard with a live-action Halo series, as well as a deal with the NFL. If Microsoft could get some other companies to create exclusive content, then Microsoft would be one step closer to doing what Netflix already does with shows like Hemlock GroveHouse of Cards and Arrested Development

With exclusive programming, apps for all your entertainment needs, and a way to talk to your TV when you want to change the channel or have to identify yourself to the Xbox One gestapo, I can't but feel like Microsoft is making a really expensive Roku...

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