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Microsoft tries to market Xbox One to small businesses

Xbox One Kinect

Well, that's it. Microsoft has given up on us fickle gamers. It's now trying to sell its next-gen Xbox One console to the small businesses of the world.

In a post on the Microsoft Small Business Support website, Xbox MVP Marques Lyons wrote that the entertainment device "can be just as enticing for you and your small business."

For $499, businesses could take advantage of the Kinect and Skype chatting for "collaborative meetings and presentations." Lyons understands that PCs can support Skype video calling, too, but says, "The difference here is that Xbox One and Kinect gives you the open space to move, gesture, show examples, and see everyone more clearly."

I'm not sure that's enough of a reason for small businesses to purchase a game console, but Lyons argues otherwise: "In fact, it's entirely justifiable to make the Xbox One a business expense."

In addition, Lyons said the SkyDrive dedicated cloud service could make sharing documents and presenting them on the television to a group easier. "If you're hosting a meeting at your office, don't worry about attaching a PC to the TV or using a projector. Store your videos in SkyDrive and then use the app to open that video," writes Lyons.

The Xbox One also features Wi-Fi Direct, Internet Explorer, and Officer Web Apps — "pair [the latter] with a Wi-Fi keyboard and mouse, and you have the means to edit documents, when necessary, even if you aren't near your PC."

Except, what office doesn't have a PC nearby? Or a laptop, which is even more portable?

Sure, game consoles are becoming multipurpose devices, but I find it hard to believe businesses wouldn't deem the Xbox One an unnecessary distraction.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox One this November in 21 markets. Fortunately, it's not hurting for preorders, but the company may want to rethink its pitch. Again.

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