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Microsoft talks about how Xbox's Project Scorpio differs from the retail version; Explains dolphins

Those damn dolphins.

Larry Hryb sat down with Kevin Gammill from the Xbox engineering team to talk about the Project Scorpio Xbox Development Kit and how it differs from the retail version of the console.

We know that the dev kit looks different than the retail version of the Scorpio, but it turns out that the insides are different too.

The video covers what is different between the dev kit version of Project Scorpio and the actual version. According to  Gammill, the difference comes in power, there's 4 more CUs than the retail version, as well as 12 more gigs of RAM, an additional 1TB disc drive.

Gammill and Hryb also discussed how the dev kit physically looks different with the different buttons, display, and the additional network port that the dev kit has. On top of all that, Gammill explained why there is a display and how devs have used the display to make mini versions of their games, show FPS, or even made new games for the display.

Oh, and he also explains the dolphins.

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