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Microsoft: Sony has done a "great job" with HD remakes


There is no denying, when it comes to HD remakes, Sony is the best there is.  For years now, PS3 fans have been able to relive the games they grew up playing with a fabulous HD makeover.  They've had the God of War Collection, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, the Tomb Raider Trilogy, and much more.  The list of amazing HD remakes could go on.  Which begs the question, when will Microsoft begin to do something similar?

Then Microsoft announced Halo Anniversary, the HD remake of the Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved.  With added Xbox LIVE integration, HD graphics (and the ability to switch to old-school graphics), Halo Anniversary was a celebration of the success of the franchise.  Many also thought it was the beginning of Microsoft following a similar path as Sony - remaking older games as HD remakes.  Unfortunately for Xbox 360 fans, that may not be the case, as corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, confirmed, "Halo Anniversary wasn't created with that in mind."

"Sony's done a great job with looking at their back catalogue and selling those games again," Spencer admitted in an interview with GameInformer.

As for future HD remakes coming to the Xbox 360, Spencer said that was never the goal of Halo Anniversary.

"It was more a celebration," Spencer explained.  "It wasn't' the beginning of an HD remake line."

"I [don't] want to get into a world where people felt like I was just trying to sell them things that they've already played."

I don't know about Spencer, but I personally love playing the games I grew up with on today's consoles.  If I've already enjoyed them once, odds are I'll enjoy them again - so why not re-release them as HD remakes?  Now I'm not saying go crazy, but there are a few solid selections that deserve the HD treatment.

I think Spencer is missing the mark with his statement.  Sony doesn't just sell games people have "already played".  Yes, they are the same games people love but with entirely new ways to experience them - with added trophies, 3D support and HD upgrades, and various bonuses.  It's not just The Sly Collection.  It's The Sly Collection with added PlayStation Move support.  It's a brand new experience added to a game you already love.

Whether or not Microsoft will follow up Halo Anniversary with HD remakes remains to be seen, but if they do, I suggest they look at Sony's approach.

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