Microsoft's Phil Spencer on Xbox One: 'We need to do more'

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Last week, it was revealed that Sony has sold over seven million PS4 consoles worldwide since its launch in November. Microsoft, meanwhile, has shipped (not sold) more than five million Xbox One consoles. It's unknown exactly how many of those were sold, but one thing is clear -- Microsoft needs to do more. And the new Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, agrees. In fact, he's the one that admitted to such on Twitter, responding to a fan's plea to "curb stomp the competition."

"Definitely in it to win," Spencer responded. "We need to do more, that's 100% of my focus."

For its part, Microsoft has rapidly issued numerous Xbox One updates to give fans features they've clammored for. Past updates have made improvements to the Xbox One's friend notifaction system, party improvements, and silent reboot functionality. Spencer, whow as appointed as head of Xbox last month, has meanwhile focused his efforts on marketing the Xbox One as a machine for core gamers, an important audience Microsoft may have lost when they initially revealed the Xbox One. The best place for Microsoft to start (again) would be E3, where Spencer has promised an "army of huge franchises" will be on display.

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