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Microsoft's cheeky response to Sony and why we didn't see the actual PS4 console


Sony finally announced the PlayStation 4 tonight. We saw plenty of games, tech demos, and even the controller (which looks very similar to the prototype leaked earlier). But what was missing? The actual console. After two hours we still don't know what the thing looks like. And we weren't the only ones who noticed.

Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) from Microsoft, Sony's biggest competitor heading into the next-gen console war, took the opportunity to jab his rival company.

He's got a point, but then again...where was your press conference for the next Xbox? There's actually quite a good explanation for why we didn't see the actual PlayStation 4 console revealed tonight and you'd think Hryb, as a Microsoft employee, would realize why. Design of your product, especially in Japan, can make or break your product -- the original Xbox being the prime example.

When the Xbox was first revealed, its design made a lot of Japanese gamers question the system. It was bulky, heavy, and made from cheap black plastic. This reveal, in essence, doomed the Xbox as the Japanese always viewed this product as a console meant for American gamers.

Not that Sony should be worried -- I'm sure they know how to cater to both audiences as this stage in the game. Besides, why play all of your cards at one time? Save some stuff for E3.

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