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Microsoft returns funds to Xbox Live hack victim, then takes $81


Last week we reported that Xbox Live user Susan Taylor had over $300 stolen from her after some jerk hacked her account. You know who else reported on it? Pretty much every gaming news site on the internet. And that's exactly what it took for Microsoft to respond, because it sure as hell wasn't doing anything about it when Taylor sought assistance from the company herself.

After posting her predicament on her blog, she got plenty of followers and finally some attention from Microsoft. Over the weekend, Taylor reported that Microsoft had refunded 100 percent of her stolen funds.

Except the company ended up taking $81.08 back.

Are you serious, Microsoft? You're going to pull this kind of stunt? This is douchebaggery at its finest, and no amount of Microsoft fanboyism can excuse this type of bullsh*t. Seriously, anyone who even thinks about defending Microsoft in this instance deserves a punch in the gut.

Since this past weekend, Taylor hasn't posted an update. Whether or not Microsoft remedies this d*ck move remains to be seen.

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