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Microsoft reaffirms there's no Xbox One DRM check-in, despite claims


Microsoft has responded to reports of Xbox DRM following the publishing of a video of an offline Killer Instinct tournament. The video in question, seen below, shows an Xbox One returning to the home screen in the middle of a match, followed by an error message that references the game license.

It reads: "If you have a game disc, insert it now. If there's no disc, make sure you're signed in to Xbox Live. If you don't have rights for playing it, you'll need to buy it at the Xbox Store."

The message immediately brings reminders of Xbox One's initial policy in which owners would have had to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours. It was an unfavorable policy that was scrapped prior to the system's release following widespread rage, and hasn't really been an issue until this popped up. 

“As we have said previously, there is no DRM check-in every 24 hours,” a Microsoft representative told Game Informer. “Reports that say otherwise are inaccurate and false.” 

It's worth nothing that there are some variables that are unknown in the video, like if the Xbox One really hadn't been connected for 24 hours, or if the owner of the game didn't log out of the account on an Xbox One that wasn't his. Without knowing the facts, it's hard to believe that this is anything more than an isolated incident.

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