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Microsoft Points to be removed with next Xbox 360 system update

Xbox Microsoft Points currency change

The long-awaited switch from Microsoft Points to local currency on the Xbox is almost upon us. In fact, you should see the change after the "next Xbox 360 update," according to Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten.

"Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for you," Whitten wrote on the Xbox blog. "After the next Xbox 360 system update, when you go to buy something or redeem a Microsoft Points card or code on your console with your Microsoft account, we’ll add to your account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox Marketplace value of your Microsoft Points, which will be retired."

Some of the added benefits of the change include faster and easier purchases with no need to calculate the conversion of dollars to Microsoft Points. Whitten assures that you'll still be able to purchase content directly from Xbox stores using any form of payment in your region. Furthermore, in late 2013 you'll be able to buy new Xbox Gift Cards through Microsoft's online retailers and local retail stores.

Microsoft will continue accepting purchased Microsoft Points Cards and codes "until further notice, and  we’ll add to your account an amount of local currency equal to or greater than the Marketplace value of those points." Microsoft Points earned through Xbox LIVE Rewards will remain in your account and transition to local currency, as will the rest of your Microsoft Points.

"We’re excited to bring local currency to Xbox Live," Whitten concluded. "It’s a decision based on your feedback, and another way we’re working to make Xbox Live the best community for gaming and entertainment today."

The switch from the dreaded Microsoft Points system is definitely a welcomed one. Unfortunately, we don't yet know exactly when the next Xbox 360 system update will take place. We've reached out to Microsoft for further information.

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