Microsoft: New Halo 4 trailer is fake, 'stay tuned' to a official release date announcement

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Master Chief's epic return has us all excited, so excited that we're looking everywhere for new details. Sadly, a recent YouTube trailer fooled us all with a fake release date. 

The video trailer hit Sunday night, revealing a November 21, 2012 launch date. Microsoft was quick to comment on the video, which now carries the description, "Fake ? Yes we know," calling it a hoax. Thankfully, though, the publisher teased an upcoming announcement: 

"We haven’t officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned.” 

Ironically, a late November release date may not be that far off. It can be expected that Call of Duty's yearly title will take over the first half of November, but keeping with Halo's history, late November seems to be a logical bet. Nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled on an official trailer and/or release date coming soon from Microsoft and 343 Industries. 

Source: [GameInformer]

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