Microsoft expects next-gen to sell over... one billion consoles!

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Dr. Evil

Microsoft must be feeling might fine about themselves in the wake of their Xbox One reveal. Why else would they expect Sony's PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to combine for over one billion next-gen consoles sold? 

Yusuf Mehdi told OXM that "Every generation, as you've probably heard, has grown approximately 30%. So this generation is about 300m units. Most industry experts think the next generation will get upwards of about 400m units. That's if it's a game console, over the next decade.

"We think you can go broader than a game console, that's our aim, and you can go from 400m to potentially upwards of a billion units. That's how we're thinking of the Xbox opportunity as we go forward."

In addition to this, Microsoft also wants to shift another 100 million Xbox 360s over the next five years. 

I'm not so sure one billion next-gen consoles is realistic, especially when considering the popularity of PC gaming and the rise of mobile gaming. 

Meanwhile, I think it's sad that no one lumps the Wii U into next-gen console talks. 

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