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Microsoft employee CV hints at 'cool new features for next Xbox.' Oh, and mentions DRM


I know that the next Xbox is already in works. You know a new Xbox is on the way. Microsoft knows we know, but refuses to reveal anything about it. But that hasn't stopped its employees from listing their work on the new console in their online CV.

Eusebius Lai, the lead software development engineer on Microsoft's Xbox team, has referenced his work on "the next Xbox" in his LinkedIn profile. Although he acknowledges the NDA, he does hint that he's "working on cool new features for the next Xbox."

One of those "cool new features" he's referring to could be related to some of his other responsibilities which includes the overseeing of "Video Processing for DRM'd Content." Other responsibilities he lists are "design, implement and deploy video processing pipeline for DRM'd videos for indexing into Xbox video catalog," as well as work on Xbox Smartglass.

While much of Lai's work appears to be on the video side of the next Xbox, more talk of DRM will only worry gamers already worked up over rumors that the next Xbox will require constant connection. Microsoft hasn't confirmed these rumors, but has also done little to dispel them. In fact, their response has only fueled the rumor fires that the next Xbox will force you to be online. It is believed that this always-on requirement is an attempt for Microsoft to block the playing of used games, as well as combat piracy.

Latest rumors point towards a May 21 reveal for the next-generation Xbox, and a launch in early November.


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