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Microsoft developer Rare suffers layoffs

Microsoft developer Rare suffers layoffs

Rare, Microsoft's "premiere" Kinect game developer, has suffered layoffs. The news comes in the wake of a disappointing Kinect Sports Rivals release, which currently holds a 61 on Metacritic.

There is no confirmation on the total number of people laid off, but Eurogamer is reporting that somewhere around 16 staffers are now without a job. The news also comes after a recent change in the relationship of the Xbox One and Kinect. Now that the periphial isn't a mandatory pack-in sold with the system, the market audience for Kinect games is expected to shrink.

What does the future hold for Rare? Many are undoubtedly hoping that it's one that brings the studio back to their famed Nintendo 64 days. Personally, while everyone is clamoring for more Perfect Dark, I'd kill for an all-new Conker or Banjo-Kazooie

If you're interested in Kinect Sports Rivals, you're more than welcome to check out or review of the game.


Jake Valentine
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