Microsoft denies involvement in FBI raid on Xbox 720 leaker SuperDaE

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Last week, SuperDaE, most notable for his attempt to sell the Xbox 720/Durango dev kit on eBay, informed his Twitter followers that his house had been raided. It is believed that SuperDaE was in possession of a dev kit for Microsoft's next console and is responsible for leaking details on it. As a result, FBI and Australian police knocked on his door last week with a warrant to search his home for proof of such things. As the gaming community unites to #freeSuperDaE, Microsoft claims they had no involvement in the raid.

"Microsoft did not initiate this FBI investigation with this individual, as has been asserted in some of the articles in the media," a Microsoft spokesperson said. 

"We take security very seriously and have no evidence of any compromise of our corporate network. We have no further comment on this matter."

Although Microsoft claims no involvement, a search warrant obtained by TheTechGame seems to suggest otherwise. Among the companies mentioned are Microsoft, PayPal, and eBay. If you've been following SuperDaE's story, you'll realize those three are seemingly linked to the eBay auction which was eventually shut down.

SuperDaE warrant

Was Microsoft involved in the police raid on SuperDaE? I have time believing they weren't, but decide for yourself.

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