Microsoft attempting to attain fake Halo 4 beta domain name

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Apparently, Microsoft doesn't enjoy seeing fake Halo 4 domains fool people into giving away personal information. The company is seeking to acquire, which had been posing as a Halo 4 beta registration site, by filing a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum

343 Industries' David Ellis responded quick to the domain, posting on his Twitter that the entire website was fake, and was a scam to attain personal information. Since the Tweet, the domain's account has been suspended, though the owner still holds the rights. If Microsoft (Seriously, "if?") is successful with their complaint, the publisher will take over domain. 

This isn't the first time Microsoft has fought off fake Halo 4 websites. The publisher had to go through a similar fiasco when an anonymous user purchased the domain. But honestly, though, the entire beta site looked fake. Don't you think 343 and Microsoft would have a huge press release to announce a beta? This just goes to show you that there are a lot of idiots on the web, and I am sorry if you are one. 

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