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Microsoft Approves Modern Warfare 3 Pre-Release Play


Earlier today, it was reported that early copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were sold at a Kmart in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Because of a labeling misunderstanding Kmart put the copies of Modern Warfare 3 on their shelves early and available for purchase. Normally, the shipping boxes have the date of when the games can be made available.

Thanks to the mixup, several gamers were able to purchase their copies of Modern Warfare 3 early!  The game doesn't officially release until November 8th.  Since then, copies of the game have been spotted on Ebay and Craigslist.

Of course, those who have received their early pre-release copies have probably been worried about reprocussions of playing the game before it's official release.  Worries over possible account suspension for playing the game online early have probably kept these lucky gamers from playing.

As it turns out, the penalty for playing these pre-release copies are...NOTHING!  At least, that's what Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement is saying. Mircosoft's Stephen Toulouse gave his blessings to those who own legit copies of Modern Warfare 3.

"For those asking about MW3 pre-release play: If your copy is legit and obtained legitly, have fun.  It's a great game," he said on Twitter today.

Breathe easy you lucky gamers!  There is no penalty for enjoying the game early.  Just don't rub it in the faces of other gamers.  I have to admire how Activision and Microsoft are handling the entire situation.  They could have easily forbid anybody from enjoying the game early, but have instead allowed these pre-releases to be enjoyed.  They must really be confident in their product.

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