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Microsoft acquires 'Xbox Gold' domain names


The list of possible next-gen Xbox names might have grown with the discovery that Microsoft has acquired domain names relating to "Xbox Gold." The lengthy list of names already includes Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, and Xbox Durango, though the latter is a rumored code name. So really, what's one more speculative name thrown into the hat?

According to Fusible, Microsoft has been taking the necessary steps to acquire the domains related to Xbox Gold. They've filed complaints with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain and While those cases are still pending, Microsoft this week successfully acquired from its previous owner. It doesn't stop there, though. Over the past few weeks Microsoft has purchased other Xbox Gold names like,, and

It's worth noting that of all of the rumored names -- Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, and Xbox Durango -- Microsoft doesn't own the domains related to any of them. In fact, the only registered one, other than the recent acquisition, is which redirects visitors to Bing.

Knowing that, what can we make of this acquisition of Xbox Gold? Will that be the name of the next Xbox? In all likelihood, Microsoft is probably trying to protect its brand. Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Gold subscription service for the Xbox 360 is often referred to as Xbox Gold. It's likely Microsoft is trying to protect the IP. Of course, it is possible that the next Xbox could be called Xbox Gold in an effort to unite the subscription service with the next console.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft's internal event for FY14 does reference "Xbox Gold & Entertainment" in its agenda.

Microsoft agenda

My chips are on Microsoft protecting its brand and exploring ways to improve the service heading into the next-generation of gaming. It doesn't look like we'll have to wait long to find out though. Microsoft is rumored to unveil the next-Xbox in April. Eventcore, the same company that hosted Microsoft's Xbox E3 2012 event, has also registered the domain name "" Big things are certainly on the way.


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