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Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg reveal impressive lifetime Xbox 360 statistics


Amid countless next-generation console rumors and speculations, one should not forget how significant our current devices have meant to the industry at large. Today, Aaron Greenberg and the rest of the Xbox team unveiled statistics that only affirm the aforementioned fact of our current consoles.

On Twitter, Greenberg, the Chief Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, tweeted the following Xbox 360 lifetime figures that are simply unbelievable, considering what some forecasted years ago when the “red ring of death” was prevalent for players.

We announced some nice milestones today, 76M consoles, 46M LIVE members, 24M Kinect sensors. Thanks all for the many years of support!

Though the 46 million Xbox members are not all Gold subscribers, Greenberg confirmed that “historically [Gold subscribers] been more than half, but we typically only give out the total active member #.”

As we transition in the coming months to a focus on the Xbox 720 and PS4, it should be noted that these current machines still have longevity to them, and we’ll likely see them supported for several years to come.

Source: [Twitter – Aaron Greenberg]

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