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Michel Ancel Wants to Make UbiArt Tech Open for All Devs


I've always been fond of Michel Ancel. The man behind the Rayman series has always had a delightful attitude, and his dedication to creating enjoyable games is highly respectable. As far as likable folks go, Ancel is most certainly one of them.

He recently upped his likability after making a few statements about Ubisoft's impressive UbiArt tech, which allows for hand-drawn animation in video games. According to Ancel, the technology that is being used to create the upcoming Rayman Origins should be free for all developers. "We need to be more open," the designer told Develop. "I don't believe that keeping the technology to yourself is interesting. I want someone to look at our game and be inspired to use the tools to be artistic themselves. It is more interesting to have a community and share our content."

Ancel said that artistry in games is no different than artistry in paintings. "If the guys who invented the paintbrush only kept it for themselves, then fine art [would be in a sorry state], it would be ephemeral," stressed the Ubisoft designer. "So yes, I want [UbiArt] to be open source, I want it to go out and be shared and evolved."

It's admirable that Ancel wants other developers to have the opportunity to use an impressive and aesthetic tool such as UbiArt. Already Rayman Origins looks like a wonderful work of art. And if other developers can use the tech to create their own magnificent-looking games, there's no telling the artistry that we could see in future titles that use the technology.

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