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Michael Jackson Gets MMO, Pedobear Gets First Subscription


In a story that's almost too bizarre to be true, the King of Pop will soon be immortalized via MMO. Published by SEE Virtual Worlds, Entropia Universe is an online realm of connected, themed Planets, including Rocktropia and Planet Calypso. The latter made headlines last year when a player bought a virtual space station for $330,000 in real-world cash, and again this year when a player spent nearly $70,000 on a virtual egg that "might" hatch someday.

According to the press release, "The new planet, currently under development and slated for launch next year, will be an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael's music, his life and the global issues that concerned him. Michael's longtime fans will feel at home as they find themselves in places that seem familiar and yet unknown at the same time, and new generations will discover and experience Michael's life in a way never before imagined."

While more than a few diehard (i.e. crazed and obsessed) fans are sure to flock to Planet Michael, I can only envision a world of plastic surgery disasters, dancing Elephant Men, and a virtual Michael gently pushing the tender bottoms of children on the swing set.

As stated by SEE Virtual Worlds CEO Martin Biallas, "When we first approached the Estate and talked about creating Planet Michael, one of our primary goals wasto build an interactive environment where fans from all over the world come together to affirm Michael's life-long dedication to fostering global friendships." Yes, 'friendships.'

We can only wonder what SEE Virtual Worlds means when it says that it will allow fans, "to connect and engage in collaborative in-game activities with people worldwide."

Interested parties can register at Say hello to Pedobear for me.

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