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Metroid: Other M Details Surface


According to Ark, a forum member of the Metroid Database, who got a chance to try out the demo of Metroid: Other M, the game is certainly going to be something that Nintendo fans can look forward to. “"Let me assure you they are very fluid, and it definitely works, like the classic Metroid experience."

Other observations includes:

-The controls are incredibly fluid -The status screen contains a character menu with profiles of each person you meet. The other members of Adam's squad are Maurice, James Pierce (the guy with the mustache), K.G. Wong (glasses, team engineer). This is in addition to Lyle (demolitions) and Anthony Higgs. -Samus' thumbs-down against Adam was part of her rebellious teen years. -Missile expansions add only one missile -Two mysterious upgrades are Energy Parts=0 and Accel. Units=0. (Current thoughts are these are related to energy tanks and the Shine Spark.) -There are lots of cutscenes that cannot be skipped (at least on firsts play...).

Those who were worried about Team Ninja's involvement with the game can now feel safe knowing that the beloved series is in great hands, at least until the game's jiggle physics are implemented.

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