Metro: Last Light Developer Pack DLC releasing September 17

Metro: Last Light Screenshot - Mobius

Publisher Deep Silver announced today in a blog post that Metro: Last Light's third DLC, the Developer Pack, will release on September 17 in North America on Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Europe and the rest of the world will be able to get it on PSN on September 18.

The Developer Pack will include a solo mission, the "Spiders' Lair," that's designed to be one of the most intense and stressful Metro experiences ever. It's described as "pure survival horror, Metro style." Spiders' Lair combines all of the limited resource mechanics to keep the pressure on the player, as you manage spare oxygen filters, the flamethrower's fuel tank, and more. And there's spiders. F*ck spiders.

That's not all there is to the DLC, though. There's a shooting range with marksman challenges and every weapon in the game called The Gun Table. The AI Arena allows you to pit groups of enemies against each other and take part in additional challenges. And finally, the Museum lets you to "get up close and personal to our mutants and key NPCs." That's all, right? WRONG! There's a brand new weapon in the Developer Pack that's not found anywhere else in the game.

Lastly, the next piece of DLC was talked about, called the "Chronicles Pack." This final DLC resembles the Metro campaign experience, where you'll take control of Pavel, Anna, and Khan and Ulman as unanswered questions are tied up. 

The Developer Pack will cost $3.99.

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