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Metrico is looking quite interesting


I don't know how else to explain upcoming Vita game Metrico other than fascinating. First revealed about a year ago, Digital Dreams has finally released its first trailer comprised of in-game footage. After watching it I'm even more intrigued, but also incredibly puzzled. 

Digital Dreams describes it as "all about using input to shape the infographics around you and solve puzzles." 

"Metrico is a lot about the player and his or her physical presence while playing," the developer continues. "With all the hardware inputs, PS Vita is the perfect console for this. For instance, Metrico knows how you’re holding the Vita, or how much light is in your room."

When Metrico does launch, sometime in spring of this year, it'll feautre six worlds, each with its own shapes, type of infographics, colors, music, mechanics, challenges, typography, etc. "But we’re also introducing new means of input for the player to play around with, in each subsequent new world. Therefore, it made a lot of sense for us to design the game in chronological order. This helped bolt down the way each specific mechanic works, and how they work in combination with the previous ones," Digital Dreams says.

It all sounds very intriguing and very confusing at the same time. I can't wait.

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