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Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima actually said he wanted to make a zombie game; years later Konami does it

Oh man, this won't end well for Konami either way

Kojima said he wanted to make a zombie game; years later Konami announces Metal Gear Survival

How does Kojima feels about Metal Gear Survive's announcement? No one is quite sure, despite what a certain parody account would have you believe:

Please note that's not the real Hideo Kojima, regardless of how accurate it may or may not be. The real Hideo Kojima has not tweeted about Metal Gear Survive on either his Japanese or English Twitter accounts at the time of this writing.

What twitter has turned up, though, is that Metal Gear Survive was either part of Metal Gear Solid V's development, or another petty stab at Kojima: Three years ago, during the thick of development on Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima made public his desire to make a “genuine zombie game.”

Kojima Wa Zombie Desu KaKojima Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Cue the trailer for Metal Gear Survive, complete with zombie monsters, and weird, paranormal Kojima-esque ideas, like wormholes:

So, was this new online multiplayer game an element of Metal Gear Solid V that was planned before the fall out with Konami, and is now being revived, or is it Konami being spiteful? Given how bitter the split was, I'm sure we'll hear about it eventually, but for now, we're left to wonder.

How funny would it be though, if Konami's attempt to win fans back was part of the content they originally cut from Metal Gear Solid V? You know, the game that should have been their biggest attraction, but instead cost them all the good will in the world?

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