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Mega-sized panoramic screenshot shows off Total War: Rome 2's campaign

Total War: Rome 2 campaign

Creative Assembly is no stranger when it comes to massive sized screenshots. In the past, we've seen the Battle of the Nile, the massacre of Teutoberg Forest and a glorious shot of Carthage. So what makes today's panoramic screenshot any more special?

Well, for the first time, Total War: Rome 2's campaign is being shown off. It represents "only a tiny slice of detail from the game," according to Creative Assembly, "which features the most detailed map we've ever created and more than 700 different units."

While the image above is just a small teaser, you can scroll around the full 21288 x 5100 pixel screenshot here. And in case you missed it, check out yesterday's video in which Campaign Designer Dom Starr and Creative Assembly's Trish Ryniak have walk us through the game's factions, diplomacy, and campaign map.

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