Mega Man makes a triumphant return as a... iOS social game?!

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When we said we wanted to get Mega Man off the moon, we simply just wanted Capcom to finish and release Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS. Turns out our cries for more Mega Man have turned into something entirely different. A social game.

You read that right, the Blue Bomber will be coming back to everyones iOS devices under the title, Rockman Xover, which I can assume will be called Mega Man Xover here, and will apparently play out more like an RPG. Not much has been revealed surrounding this mysterious Mega Man title except that a singularity is collapsing and is transporting all of Mega Man's previous enemies and robots into one place.

Being a social game, you can bet that you'll have to rely on your friends in some way or another, though how that works has yet to be revealed. The screenshot that was teased shows Mega Man in what looks to be a turn based battle with some iconic enemies, so those that liked Mega Man Command Mission and possible the EXE games might like what's being offered here.


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