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Meet Vaas and Buck, two of the savages in Far Cry 3

Ubisoft has released the first video in a series of upcoming character trailers for Far Cry 3. Today's "Meet the Savages" video introduces us to Vaas and Buck, two of the most twisted and ruthless enemies you'll encounter in Far Cry 3.

We've seen plenty of Vaas recently, but today's video should show you exactly the type of monster he is, and how far he'll go to unleash hell among those who cross his path. Described as "unpredictable, psychotic, violent, merciless", Vaas becomes enraged when Jason Brody manages to escape his evil clutches.

The other character introduced in the video is Buck, "the most depraved and violent" man on the island. Living by his own rules, he has "insatiable, twisted" desires — particularly inflicting torture on others. Jason Brody encounters Buck while searching for his kidnapped friends, but soon learns that Buck has already purchased Keith.

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