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Meet the voice cast of Lollipop Chainsaw

What's a man without a penis?  Better yet, what's a penis without a man?

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it's the mindset actor Michael Rosenbaum has when portraying the role of Nick in Lollipop Chainsaw, a twisted zombie slaying, action game that tells the 'un-deadly' story of sweet and kill zombie-hunter Juliet Starling and her quest to uncover the root of a colossal zombie outbreak.

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture revealed the colorful cast that will help bring the demented and vibrant characters in Lollipop Chainsaw to life.

Working with filmmaker James Gunn (Super, Slither, Dawn of the Dead) to help flesh out the characters and wicked world of lollipops and gore that is an experienced and talented group of actors led by Tara Strong and Michael Rosenbaum who portray the two lead roles in the game.

The lovely Tara Strong was revealed as the voice of Juliet Starling, the game's central protagonist, and resident zombie slayer/c*ck tease.  Strong has a strong resume of voiced-over video game and cartoon characters, highlighted by last year's Harley Quinn performance in Batman: Arkham City.

Joining Strong as Juliet's sidekick Nick is actor Michael Rosenbaum.  Rosenbaum voices the disembodied head of Juliet's boyfriend Nick.  You may know Rosenbaum from his previous role as Lex Luthor in Smallville.

Of course, there's much more talent that goes into a game than just the two leads, and the rest of the cast is just as impressive. 

Linda Cardelleni, best known for her role as Lindsay Weird from Freaks and Geeks, brings some verve to Cordelia.  Shawnee Smith, one of the stars of the first four Saw films and Michael Rooker, of Walking Dead and Slither, also appear in the game. TV and film actor Gregg Henry (Slither, Payback, The Riches, Hung) takes on the role of Juliet’s father.

Swan, Romero High School's resident goth, is played by James' brother Sean Gun, who also appeared in the 2010 film Super and Gilmore Girls.

This is all brought together through the wonderful voice of rocker Jimmy Urine from the band "Mindless Self Indulgence".  In addition to contributing to the game's soundtrack, Jimmy lends his voice talent as Zed.

Lollipop Chainsaw is set to release on June 12th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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