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Gaming peripheral maker Rocatt Studios is jumping into the League of Legends fray with the official unveiling of its own LCS team. Professional Polish gaming outfit Kiedys Mialem Team (KMT) will now play under the "Team Roccat" banner in the LCS and, as such, will get the company's full support. 

"Founded in September 2012, KMT are well known in the professional League of Legends scene for their fight and determination – values shared by their new family at ROCCAT," the company revealed today.

“The crowd going crazy as your team spirit helps you pull off an amazing play – we are still hungry for this excitement, which is unique to eSports and competitive gaming," added ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte. “The LCS is the most relevant eSports event at this point in time and we are looking forward to competing with our own team.”  

Team Roccat LoL will be located in Cologne and will live in their own gaming house where they will train and contest their LCS games live. The roster is made up of Marcin “Xaxus” Maczka (Top), Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski (Jungle), Remigiusz “Overpow” Pusch (Mid), Pawel “Celaver” Koprianiuk (ADC), and Oskar “Vander” Bogdan (Support).

Meanwhile, Season 4 of the League of Legends League Championship Series is set to kick off tomorrow, January 14th, with the play of EU LCS teams. The North American LCS will continue on Friday, January 17th.

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