Meet Far Cry 4’s protagonist: Ajay Ghale

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Ubisoft today released the first images of Far Cry 4’s protagonist over on the game’s official Facebook page.

We’ll be playing as Ajay Ghale, a “Kyrat native, devoted son, and Pagan Min’s guest of honor,” as we make our way through the game’s Himalayan setting. Pagan Min, the game’s loony and controversy-loaded antagonist, was revealed with the game’s announcement art and saw heavy limelight in the game’s E3 trailer.

Far Cry 4

Interestingly, Ajay was shown in Ubisoft’s E3 presentation as well, but looked quite different from the art revealed today. It’s not quite as radical a jump as changing ethnicities, but Ajay certainly looks more like a mountain native than he did in the trailer’s selfie shot. 

It's not ridiculous to guess that a different character was shown entirely, but there are enough similarities to suggest it's just a matter of character evolution, Ajay's jacket sitting at the top of the list. 

Far Cry 4 wil release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC November 18.

Austin Wood
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