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MechRunner coming to Sony consoles this summer


If you’ve been feeling a powerful void in your life from arcade-action titles on your PS4 and/or Vita, I’ll just need you to hold off a little bit longer. MechRunner is coming this summer and it’s looking pretty snazzy. When a rogue scientist builds a 40-ft tall transforming mech for the purpose of annihilating an alien powered robotic army, you’re going to be glad she’s here. The mech, XP-41 is piloted by Allison – our heroine.

MechRunner, as the title hints at, is an arcade runner. So except a whole lot of constant movement with constant combat and even boss encounters. There will be obstacles to shatter and various paths to choose from to keep the gameplay constantly fresh. Oh, and there will be quite the variety of weapons to use and choose from including energy swords – so yea.

Here is a list of features, because, you know:

  • Detailed, fast-paced action with a cinematic feel
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice and Dice enemies with your swords (!)
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons and customizations
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels (never play the same level twice)
  • Wide assortment of enemies
  • Boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue Civilians
  • Awesome Hollywood Soundtrack

While there isn’t a hard release date, “Summer” isn’t all that far now is it?

[PlayStation Blog]

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