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Meat Boy, CommanderVideo, Splosion Man invade Retro City Rampage


All right, so I checked out Retro City Rampage for the Vita during my time at E3, and it was awesome. That title may very well be my game of the entire show. Seriously, it was that enjoyable. I dug Retro City Rampage so much that I simply could not stay away from it, and I ended up checking it out once more, though my second run was on the Xbox 360.

Rather than just feasting on Adventure Mode, though, I decided to check out Arcade Mode, as well as a collection of mini-games featuring guest appearances from three popular indie game protagonists.

The activity I took on in Arcade Mode was pretty simple: destroy everything. I had unlimited health and a rocket launcher, so suffice it to say I was wreaking havoc all over that b*tch. It was fun, it was liberating, and it looked like exactly the type of addictive experience that gamers will want to return to just so they can increase their record every time, even if it's just by a little bit.

Next, I decided to try out Virtual Meat Boy, a 3D runner game where I guided the titular character down a path filled with perils. I was jumping over spinning saw blades and collecting bandages just like in Super Meat Boy. I was also dying a lot ... just like in Super Meat Boy. As you can probably guess, this mini-game was fun, but punishing as all hell ... umm ... just like Super Meat Boy.

The second mini-game I played starred CommanderVideo of Bit.Trip fame, and it was based on Bit.Trip Runner. As CommanderVideo ran from left to right, I had to help him jump over fire, water, blocks, and pitfalls. I also had to time some extremely perfect kicks to knock down obstacles. The whole thing relied on twitch reflexes, and it reminded me of the good ol' NES days. Also, I don't mean to brag or anything, but at the time of my demo session, composer Matt Creamer informed me that I had gotten farther than any other players. Thank you very much.

Last, I checked out Retro City Rampage's take on Splosion Man. I guided the quirky character from left to right and and, well, blew him up to jump over gaps and destroy enemies. It was fun, and timing perfect jumps, as well as knowing when to use a properly executed triple jump, was crazy challenging, but that just made it better.

It goes without saying that I had an absolute blast playing these mini-games. Even more awesome is the fact that these characters will be playable in Retro City Rampage. Oh, you delightfully beautiful game you, just launch already! I need you in my life!

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