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Maybe Enslaved 2 Will Happen After All


Despite last week's news of disappointing sales for Enslaved, it seems not all hope is lost for the game becoming a series. In an interview with Silicon Era, Namco Bandai's vice president of marketing, Carlson Choi, had some positive things to say about the game despite the sales. “At DICE, we got six nominations. It speaks to the one element that is critical, which is the quality of the game,” said Choi.

It seems Namco is taking the blame for the sales - “Last year, there were like 4000+ games for consoles. We didn't do a good job finding the right time for it because when you look at the quality of the game it speaks for itself,” Choi explained.

As for the possibility of a sequel, he certainly doesn't write it off. “You tell me, do you think gamers want more? I can assure you, a title like Enslaved, and every title we've worked on in the past we're going to re-examine them and say what is the potential for the game?”

What do you think? Should the game get a sequel? I'd say so. Imagine if EA didn't take a chance on Dead Space after its disappointing sales?


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