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Max Payne Will Have Hair ... Kind Of


Fans of Max Payne are annoyed with the upcoming game in Rockstar's action shooter franchise for one reason: the typically depressed protagonist's new look. No longer a trench coat-wearing cop with a slick hairstyle, Max Payne has appeared in new concept art and promotional images sporting a full beard and absolutely no hair on the top of his head. While the beard is pretty cool, giving the hero a rugged tough guy look, the baldness isn't all that impressive. Add that to Max's hefty new body weight, and he's got "midlife crisis" written all over him.

If you could care less about Mr. Payne's new look, you'll be happy to know that the gun-wielding hero will also resume his old appearance from the past console generation. Granted, the new style will make its husky, bald presence felt for most of the game, but a couple of sections will allow gamers to play as classic Max. Since it'll probably take some fans a little while to get used to the new and "improved" Max, Rockstar might as well ease them into it.

The gameplay in Max Payne 3 is the most important factor to watch out for. Rockstar will be making some major modifications to the formula that helped the series gain its massive fan base. Let's just hope that like Max's old look, the original gameplay will present itself in some form, as well.

So who's excited to play as classic Max in the upcoming shooter? I can't wait to play as the dark hero clad in a trench coat. Not too sure how I feel about those images that depict Max wearing a Hawaiian shirt, though.

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