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Max Payne 3 Resurfaces


Max Payne 3 has been the victim of a lengthy development cycle that's made gamers wonder if the game is ever coming out for consoles. Rockstar recently mentioned via Twitter that the infamously depressed hero would make his video game return sometime in the future. While this news certainly gave fans a bit of hope, it's the latest issue of Edge magazine that's likely to get people excited about the game.

The magazine's cover is particularly interesting, depicting a disturbed Max with a full head of hair. If Rockstar decided to go with a more traditional look for Mr. Payne, I'm definitely all for it. As much as I love the series, I wasn't too keen on the whole bald and fat look Max had going for him.

According to Rockstar, the constant delays will ensure that Max Payne 3 meets the standards set by its predecessors. The developer wants the game to feel fresh and offer the modern gameplay elements expected of shooters these days, all while giving fans the kind of experience that made the first two games so enjoyable.

According to Rob Nelson, art director for Max Payne 3, the next game in the series will feature nonstop action from start to finish. "The action never stops, it never lets you go," stated Nelson.

The game will also be much more cinematic this time around. Whether Max Payne 3 will feature more cutscenes or have some crazy camera angles is unknown, but hopefully Rockstar keeps the graphic novel sequences around for nostalgia's sake. After all, those scenes gave the first two Max Payne games a different type of storytelling appeal that isn't commonly seen in games today.

No release date has been given for Max Payne 3, but the game is slated for launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Check out the scans from the latest issue of Edge magazine and let us know what you think about Max Payne 3. I don't really care for the cover mechanics (Max was always too cool to need cover, in my opinion), but if the game can retain the gritty action of its predecessors, I'll definitely be picking this one up on launch day.

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