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Matt Kemp's MLB 13 The Show promotional picture is equal parts disturbing and sexy

mlb 13 the show matt kemp

Look at Matt Kemp. Now look at your bed. Look back to Matt Kemp. Back to your bed. Is Matt Kemp in your bed? Sadly, he isn't. But if Matt Kemp is in your bed, that's creepy. He would be taking the vote for the cover of MLB 13 The Show far too seriously. To win the cover vote for this year's baseball game, exclusively for the PlayStation 3, Matt Kemp is asking everyone to tweet #MLB13KEMP at least once a day. If you're a HUGE Matt Kemp fan -- and after looking at that picture, how can you not be -- you can show your support by changing your photo to his official "Vote Matt Kemp" unique twitter avatar and tweet #MLB13KEMP for a chance to win prizes from Matt Kemp himself. You can vote for Matt Kemp at, but as of now, the site is down.

Seriously, look at those eyes. It's like the first time I heard the Beatles. Ya know, he kind of looks like Avery from Grey's Anatomy...

avery grey's anatomy

Avery from Grey's Anatomy

Matt Kemp also has a few comedic videos to promote himself in this vote:

Here's links to his other videos: 

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