Massive Playstation Move Bundle On Sale For $599

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Got some disposable income and a hankering for a new console and motion controller? You might want to head over to QVC. That's right, QVC. The home shopping giant is currently offering a massive Playstation Move bundle for $599.

The bundle includes:

•PlayStation 3 320GB slim gaming bundle •Rachet and Clank Tools of Destruction video game •Sports Champion game •Surf's Up movie •PlayStation Move starter pack with motion controller and eye camera •Deluxe vertical stand •Warrior pack with a shield and sword •Table tennis two pack •Archery bow •Disc golf/bocce ball/volleyball accessory •Four silicone controller skins •PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote •System case •HDMI cable •1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

That's a whole lot of swag in one package. But there's a catch - the $599 price tag is only good until 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday.

Stefanie Fogel
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