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Massive patch to Marvel Heroes changes the way you earn new characters; Human Torch added

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Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMO from Gazillion Entertainment that combines Marvel with Diablo gameplay, has received a massive patch that affects tons of components in the game. There polish, buffs, some new features, a huge change to the way you acquire heroes, and the first new hero introduced to the game.

Let's start with the first new hero, Human torch. A member of the Fantastic Four, Human Torch flies around the battlefield in a ball of flame. He offers ranged damage, either through massive aoe or single-target, with options for survivability and the ability to burn your enemies. He's available as an in-game purchase or in exchange for Eternity Splinters, which leads us to the next huge change...

Eternity Splinters are a new system to acquire heroes. It replaces hero token drops, instead offering players a chance to earn every hero in any order they wish. Eternity Splinters drop from all enemies in the game, with the drop rate being influenced by your Special Item Find bonus. This should allow for players to acquire new heroes faster when compared to other free-to-play games. Adam Warlock, found beside Gambit (still should be playable) in all three social hubs, sells all heroes for Eternity Splinters.

In addition to those two changes, a new zone was added: Midtown Patrol. In it, you fight crime, save civilians and keep the city safe. Even though you'll be facing waves of enemies, the new zone is available to all levels of player, with no time limit and a balanced challenge. Also, super villain groups will periodically attack the city. New items were also added to the store, including two costumes for Human Torch, Iron Man Shotgun Armor costume, and Wolverine Ronin costume.

If you wish to learn about other changes to the UI, gameplay, character changes and performance, you can read the patch notes.

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