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Mass Effects Subject Zero a Tattooed Natalie Portman?

January 20, 2010

Mass Effect’s Subject Zero a Tattooed Natalie Portman?

Casey Hudson, via our four part intimate conversation, has revealed his thoughts about the labels placed upon Subject Zero’s cinematic debut a few months back, such as the label that she was a tattooed Natalie Portman.

“One thing about first impressions is that is it actually one of the things that are useful. It’s a way for people to respond to something new is an instant need to categorize something or put it in a known box. It’s different for each person. I hadn’t actually heard the Natalie Portman reference before. It’s just an example of people being able to say, ‘oh, that character is like so and so,’ which, actually, isn’t a bad thing. It’s a useful starting point because it means they know they can start with certain ideas of what that character is like. But then, the important thing is that you develop that becomes unique and a lot deeper than the first impression.”

Check out our first three parts of interview with Casey Hudson to find out information on melee weapons, which generation of consoles the trilogy will end on and much more.

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