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Mass Effect 2 Secrets Revealed

February 8, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Secrets Revealed
By Dakota Grabowski

Be warned, spoilers are abound.

After spending countless hours with Mass Effect 2 – whether as a paragon or as a renegade – and handing out our Game of the Month award to BioWare’s spectacular role-playing game, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Yes, that’s right, we are about to reveal a few of the biggest secrets of Mass Effect 2 and we have no shame in doing so.

So before we jump straight into this, we highly advise if you are afraid of reading spoilers, then leave now.

I mean it; leave now as we don’t live in the world of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – we won’t be able to erase your memory.

Okay, good. Now that we have those who want to find out items they have missed through Mass Effect 2, let’s get this underway.

"I told you, I don’t like when you hang out with your 'friends.' "

Secret Party Member

Are you bored of Zaeed Messani and can’t wait for BioWare’s release of Kasumi, another human DLC party member, well Mass Effect 2 has one party member that’s hidden within the game that, if you choose the right dialogue options, is available through the death of another character.

What character are we speaking of? It would be Samara’s troubled and nasty daughter Morinth. This is possible so long as players have a high Renegade rating and allow for daughter to rise up underneath the shadow of the mother…in other words, murder her own mother.

Morinth is just as powerful as a biotic as her mother, Samara, and also shares the same abilities. That’s right; Morinth can pull, throw, and dominate her opposition along with using the assault rifle and heavy pistol.  It’s an equal exchange in the long run.

To be honest, the real reason to choose Morinth over her mother is to make an example out of Samara and show your team how coldblooded you really are.

No Matter What You Do, The Terminator Comes Back To Life

Want to take home potentially the biggest teammate and asset to the human cause? Well, guess what, even if you decide to go about the final moments in the game as a Renegade and use the half-made Reaper to help human dominance in the galaxy, it’ll always self-activate and bring forth the epic end boss battle.

The end result of choosing to keep the Reaper intact basically provides a wealth of Renegade points, so know that before you make your final decisions. And yes, it would be kickass to have Mass Effect 3 start off with showdown between the human Reaper and the Reapers that are slowly encountering the edges of the galaxy.

In that case, I’m out of here!

Locations for N7 Assignments that need Scanning

By now, many fans should have already experienced the pleasure of having to go to each individual planet to discover side-missions. I am sure after hours upon hours trying to find each and every quest, even with what little patience you may have had for it, it would have been better to know upfront where the locations were at. That being said, here are the locations of the N7 Assignments that require scanning.

Endangered Research Station – Sinmara
Description: No enemies are encountered, but players must reactivate the colony’s shields to ultimately save them from peril.

Mining the Canyon – Taitus
Description: Reactive a YMIR mech to gain access to a large amount of minerals.

Javelin Launch – Franklin
Description: Stop Batarians from launching Javelin missiles at a nearby human colony.

Anomalous Weather Detected – Canalus
Description: Fight the geth through thick fog.

Captured Mining Facility – Helyme
Description: Take control from Eclipse mercenaries of a mining facility.

Estevanico – Zanethu
Description: Investigate the wreckage of a freighter.

Eclipse Smuggling Depot – Daratar
Description: Protect 20 crates at a depot from YMIR mechs.

Abandoned Mine – Aequitas
Description: Rid the mine of husks.

Well there you have it – three secrets of Mass Effect 2 revealed. If you’d like more, feel free to e-mail me at

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