Mass Effect sees huge gains in performance on PS3

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This week marked the release of Mass Effect Trilogy, a compilation of all three Mass Effect games in one box, for the PlayStation 3. Although its release comes a month after the Xbox 360 and PC release, many PS3 owners are grateful that it even came to the system — mostly because it finally gives them a chance to experience the very first Mass Effect game (which was previously released as an Xbox 360 exclusive).

As we learned previously, work on the Trilogy began last April. BioWare and the external development team, Edge of Reality, ran into several problems when building the original Mass Effect for the PlayStation 3.

"We tinkered with the audio engine, and with the way that memory was allocated to various chunks of the game. We brought over some lighting and visual effects improvements from Mass Effect 2 and 3, and combined them with the original Mass Effect systems," explained Mass Effect Trilogy external producer Ryan Warden. The result was "some huge gains in performance."

"Especially with regard to texture popping, which has been dramatically improved," Warden added. "Yet we were still able to maintain the classic look and feel of the introduction to the Mass Effect universe."

"I’m really proud of the work that the team has done to bring Mass Effect Trilogy to the PS3, and I can’t wait for you to play through the whole series," Warden concluded. "I hope you enjoy it!"

Mass Effect Trilogy is currently available on PS3 via the PlayStation Store. Although it's available as a bundle, the original Mass Effect game is available digitally as a standalone title via the PlayStation Network.

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