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Mass Effect Andromeda: Here's every buff, nerf, romance change, and fix in patch 1.06; Details here

Plenty of changes.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was hit with an update that will change a couple of things, including romance options, weapon strength, power strength and much more. The update even addresses some of the crouch, falling, and clipping that some players have encountered with characters.

With so much being tweaked in patch 1.06, let's dive right on in. 


Base damage for powers has been increased and bonuses granted by additional skill points have been "improved." In addition to this, players will see improved damage from passive skill trees.

Combo detonations on Gold and Silver difficulties also received a buff.


Base damage for assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns has been buffed, with particular attention paid to the shotgun. The shotgun will offer boosted damage and accuracy outside of cover but will see reduced accuracy under cover.

The Vanquisher sniper rifle's damage was reduced altogether.

Enemy Faction

The kett faction's health and defenses have been reduced. The Fiend's sync-attack has been reduced on Silver and Gold difficulties. Outlaws will see improved the ability of Sharpshooters and Hydras. Additionally, the Berserker is easier to fight when in cover and the Hydra is stronger.

With this patch, you won't be able to romance both Cora and Peebee or both Vetra and Peebee. In addition to that, some PS4 crashes have been addressed, as has the issue that causes Ryder to continuously crouch. 

There are plenty more changes in the update, which you can find on the following pages

The first page is all buffs, nerfs, and fixes that came to powers, items, and factions. The last page is all the general fixes.

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