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Mass Effect 3 will have story-based DLC


In anticipation for Mass Effect 3, many have been speculating on how the trilogy will end once the credits roll in the upcoming title. According to BioWare's Casey Hudson, though, the credits will not mark the end of the story. 

Aside from multiplayer DLC, which will compliment the new Mass Effect component, Hudson tells GameInformer that story-based DLC will be released post-launch, furthering Commander Shepard's journey: 

"There’s a reason why we can add stories to what’s there. The adventure-type DLC will happen in the time frame of Mass Effect 3 within your Mass Effect 3 storyline,” Hudson said. “It’s similar to how with Mass Effect 2, if you had a saved game from anywhere inside the game, you could go on to the DLC. We have a pretty neat concept for how it’s going to work.”

Hudson continued the interview, detailing the plans for multiplayer DLC: 

 “We’ve got multiplayer stuff, we’ve got DLC, we’ve got the larger galaxy at war stuff. We’ll be supporting that. We’ve got some really awesome DLC stuff that we’re doing.”

BioWare's main focus, according to Hudson, is to focus on massive add-ons that will keep players playing for months after launch. If the addition of multiplayer proves to be worthwhile, DLC in a game like Mass Effect 3 could be interesting and most definitely worthwhile. 

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