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Mass Effect 3: someone will die


Crazy huh?  In an all-out war with a universe destroying race of sentient rampaging machines that someone will die.  Sadly it’s true though.  While we’ve all been expecting it in the back of our minds, perhaps we all haven’t been accepting this fact.

In the most recent BioWare Pulse, voiceover director Caroline Livingstone mentions at about 5:10 that she cried during a death scene.

I’ve recorded a death scene three times now with the male Shepard, female Shepard, and the person who dies and I’ve cried each time.  Even more importantly is that we finish the scene and there is silence for 10 seconds ‘cause we’re both on either sides wingeing away.  I can’t comment because we’re both crying and it’s a beautiful thing.  It’s really beautiful.

It’s obvious there will be deaths in Mass Effect 3.  From how Livingstone describes the emotions in this death scene makes it seem like the person is someone close the Shepard; perhaps a squad mate, crew mate, or old friend. 

This is completely speculation but how the clip is edited makes it seem like David Anderson is the person they are referring too.  As far as trilogies go, the old mentor character dying is both fitting and cliché.  It could truly be anyone though.  It has to be a powerful scene to make BioWare’s voiceover director cry three times even when she knew it was coming. 

While in Mass effect 2 you can save every character and achieve a perfect ending, in the original Mass Effect you had to kill at least one squad mate.  This goes to show that BioWare and Mass Effect are not above killing a key character in plot. We have two months left we can find out for certain.

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