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Mass Effect 3 patch causing crashes


Mass Effect 3's latest title update, released earlier this week, is causing the game to crash for many players when trying to load the game.

The issue seems to be centered around the Xbox 360 version of the game, although some PlayStation 3 users are reporting similar problems.  Users are reporting the game locking up during the boot-up sequence, unable to load the Mass Effect 3 main menu.  The game will often enter a endless load cycle while attempting to contact EA's servers, or simply crash completely.

After users flooded the Mass Effect Twitter, BioWare responded saying they are "aware of the issues."

BioWare continues to investigate the issue, and could use some help from you if you are currently experiencing the problem.  The company has asked users to submit their Origin ID, Gamertag, and details of the error as it occurs in the official tech support forum.

"We are aware that some users are getting back in and we are monitoring this very carefully. If there is something you feel is relevant to our investigation that you encounter please post it."

Meanwhile, users have taken matters into their own hands, suggesting their own workaround to the bug.  They suggest loading Mass Effect 3 while disconnected from Xbox LIVE, clearing the system's cache, and swapping game discs.

BioWare didn't detail what exactly is causing the game to crash, but the patch's main feature was fixing the bug that was preventing players from importing character faces generated in previous games into Mass Effect 3.

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