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Mass Effect 3 now $24.99 at Microsoft online store


In case you haven’t paid attention to the national weather patterns lately, most of the United States is hunkered down by an incredibly irritating heat wave that’s keeping everything dry and stale. It’s not the only thing that’s been dry and stale, though, as this summer has been rather unimpressive in terms of full retail titles. As gamers furiously search for gems to invest time into, Microsoft, via their official store, has slashed Mass Effect 3’s price from $59.99 to $24.99.

Though most of the game’s post-launch news has been negative, pertaining to the trilogy’s conclusion, Mass Effect 3 was one heck of a thrill ride that left us in awe after several in-game sequences. At $24.99, you’ll be nabbing one of the Xbox 360’s “platinum titles” that carries a lengthy campaign and an outstanding horde-like multiplayer component that’s certainly worth investing time into.

Still don’t believe us? GameZone’s Andrew Clouther called BioWare’s title “an amazing game that should be played by ANY fan of the series — multiple times.  Even if you haven’t played the previous two games, I could see Mass Effect 3 being amazing enough to be a stand-alone game, though having experienced it as a trilogy make it so much better” in his review that scored a sure-fired 9.5/10.

With BioWare’s full support behind it, Mass Effect 3 has already received free DLC and has further story-centric content coming “soon.” Simply put, you’ll be able to pass the time through this horrific heat wave as you shoot down husks and other terrifying aliens playing as Shepard.

You can head over to the Microsoft Store and jump on this deal by clicking here.

Source: [Major Nelson via Twitter]

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